Play. Create. Earn.

WFP not only rewards players for entering and winning contests, but users also have the chance to create their own custom pools while earning commissions.

WFP will offer a wide variety of stat-based survivor pools as well as freeroll challenge contests for users to compete in.

Choose a Contest

Directly from the lobby or from the sports tabs available.

Select an Athlete

To achieve a stat goal to advance to the next round.

Watch, Survive, and Win!

You can follow all your contests in the Live page in real time.

WFP will allow users to create their own custom stat-based survivor pools. You now have the option to play what you want when you want! Invite your friends or play with other like-minded fantasy players.

Select your pool structure

Customize buy-in, rounds, and number of entrants per pool

Set your Round structure

Select your games, positions, and stat line to achieve for each round

Create Your Pool

Complete all the empty rounds, click create pool and play in your own stat-based survivor pools.

For the first time in fantasy sports, users will not only be able to win for playing in contests, but also earn commissions by creating content on WFP. Anyone who creates a pool and has it fill will earn 10% of the total commissions taken from that given contest. Hosts will receive commission once the contest has ended.

10% Comission

You will earn 10% of the total commission taken for any created game that fills!

Follow Your Winnings

You can check your winnings and your results in your notification panel and also in your Pools History inside your Profile Page.